Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Graduation Dress for $100 or Less

Your graduation is one of the most important occasions you will ever experience. It is a day to celebrate all your hard work and accomplishments, a day to reflect all the late night study sessions and deadlines you had to meet, a day to laugh about the crazy drunken nights you had with some of the most amazing people you have encountered throughout your years at school, and  a day that you can reflect back and confidently say, "I worked my ass off, and I deserve this diploma in my hand!"

Whether you're graduating from high school or college, this big day is a memorable one that will be photographed by many, and shared with your children and grandchildren for years to come. Underneath that cap and gown, you want to be sure you wear a dress that will make you shine...afterall, you deserve it! I know I do!

I personally never thought the day would come where I could say, "I'm graduating from college!" I didn't even plan on going to college when I graduated from high school. It's been a long road traveled since then. I have slacked off, partied hard, changed my major multiple times, transfered to 3 different schools, dropped out, re-enrolled, and finally finished what I started! Ten years after I graduated from high school, I can proudly say that I have something that nobody can take away from me...a Bachelors Degree from Sacred Heart University!!! I could not be more proud of the struggle I have gone through to bring me to this point!

So with that being said, I know my usual features are items for $50 + under, but to hell with that! I'm raising the bar for this extremely important occasion, and stepping outside my budget all while still remaining savvy. Here are some of my favorite dresses to wear to the Class of 2012 Commencement for $100 or less!
I absoluly adore this dress and I need it in my life!! I think I found a winner, also offered in Black - Lily Lattice Dress

This dress is called, "Just Because" and I want it, just because... - $100.00

This one shoulder blue dress is a steal for only $32.00

This red Button Shoulder Dress is simple yet chic - $24.80

I had to throw this lovely floral chiffon dress, perfect for graduation and any other occasion - $58.00

Simply Uh-mazing! I am in love with this Twisted Peplum dress and the color Dusty Rose - $58.00

This Button Up Bustier Dress is one of my favorite classics! Shown in Ivory - $78.00

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

12 Spring Steals at Forever 21

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Break

Hello Savvy'ista's

I know it's been a while since my last post and I apologize for that. I've been on a bit of a break...well, Spring Break to be exact. No, I didn't fly off to Cancun or wherever those Spring Break spots are now! These days, Savvy is the word for a reason and my money would best be saved for my post-graduation trip to Greece.

No thank you Spring Breakers!
So, for my Spring Break I've decided to just take some time off and hang with my friends and family. My goal was to get my head out of the computer for a little while, but I promise to be back very soon reporting all my super Savvy finds!

Until then...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

For the Love of Stripes

Read between the lines! What will you see? Stripes...stripes...and more STRIPES!

So what's the hype with stripes? They are timeless, bold, vertical, horizontal, and never go out of style. As our focus turns to the Spring/Summer 12' collections, you can't help but notice the overwhelming presence of stripes this season! (I say this in an overwhelmingly loving way...for the love of stripes!)

Photo Courtesy of: Inquirer LifeStyle

From tops to dresses, skirts to hand bags, right down to your shoes - stripes, especially nautical navy (my fav!) are everywhere...yes, everywhere!

Here are some of my favorite Savvy Stripes that are perfect for Spring/Summer 12, all for $50.00 or less.

For the Love of Stripes!

Bow dress
$48 - modcloth.com

Old Navy chunky knit cardigan
$30 - oldnavy.gap.com

Racer back tank
$12 - tillys.com

ZCO cotton shorts
$28 - tillys.com

Old navy
$17 - oldnavy.gap.com

Vans trainers
$50 - nordstrom.com

Topshop flat sandals
$44 - topshop.com

Street Level striped tote
$36 - nordstrom.com

Motif 56 bangle cuff bracelet
$31 - zappos.com

Steve Madden rhinestone sunglasses
$40 - stevemadden.com

Thursday, February 16, 2012

¡Hola, Bershka!

¡Hola, Bershka! It's a pleasure to meet you!

I had to write about this the moment I started browsing through their website, which I happened to stumble upon. Ever discover a new line that you can spend hours browsing through? I just did - and I spent more time on that site then I needed to - but I came out of it a proud fan and follower of the Bershka brand!

Bershka is a company that started in Spain in 1998. Their mission was to respond to the demands of young people who were highly aware and interested in the latest fashion and trends. Fourteen years later, they are a thriving business, and are sold in over 750 shops throughout the world (sadly though, not in the USA).

According to their website, "Bershka's public is characterized by adventurous young people, who are aware of the latest trends and are interested in music, social networks and new technologies." Sounds like most people I know!!!

Their Target is young people: check
Aware & interested in the lastest fashion trends: Check with a capital C
Interested in Music: Cheeeeck
Interested in Social Networks: Check Check Check
Interested in New Technologies: and CHECK!

This brand is so for me! And probably for most of you too! Check them out on their website and browse their latest collection. Take a peak at their look book and don't be scared - these prices, whatever the currency you choose, are extremely savvy and stylish!

Shop online ladies and gents (yes, they have men's clothing too) because you won't find this brand in any store near you, unless you are traveling abroad! Hopefully, a campaign is in the works to open up a store in the USA soon!


Here is a collection of just a few of my favorite finds, all courtesy of Bershka.

Bershka Set

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Girls Just Want To Have Sun!"

I've officially been struck by the summer bug! I'm done with winter, awaiting spring, and exceptionally excited for summer! There is so much to look forward to in these upcoming months, but the highlight of everything to come is for certain...my trip to Greece with my hubs!!!

With this trip comes lots of planning. Not necessarily planning a detail for detail itinerary for the trip type-of-planning (not my thing), but more so lots of planning for my outfits! You will probably see many upcoming posts regarding Greece and my choice of wardrobe, but to start it off, I'm keeping it basic: dresses, sandals, cover-ups, bathing suits and ALL THINGS SUN!

I found myself browsing through the Victoria's Secret Catalog last night in awe of all the beautiful bodies and bathing suits, all while munching on Twix and Peanut Butter Cups - it just aint right (sigh)!

What I most likely looked like last night (add twenty years)

So, a fatty I am, but it's all good because I still have a few more months to loose the winter weight and get in shape for bikini season (I think I can...I think I can...I think I can)!

Anyhow, Victoria's Secret's catchy headline "Girls Just Want to Have Sun" has got me daydreaming like crazy and I couldn't agree with them more!

Girls DO just want to have sun!! Sun = Fun and it's never too early to start daydreaming of summer loving! Here are a few of my favorite finds, all courtesy of Victoria's Secret ($50 and under):

This two piece bikini set is my ideal bikini! Simple, soft, and that color peach would look great against a nice tan! 

Ruffled Triangle Bikini Set $38.00 - Front and Back View - Shown in Color: Peach
I had to buy this bikini set below! The Blue is amazing and reminds me of the islands in Greece!
Triangle Bikini Set - $29.00 for solids (Shown here in color: Pacific Blue) or $34.00 for prints
This dress below is my favorite purchase so far for Summer 12'!  It looks so comfortable and simple, and can easily be dressed up. Not to mention the color is gorgeous! I can't wait to explore Greece wearing this dress!
Maxi Tank Dress - $49.50 Shown in Color: Jungle Green 

Though I'm sure I can find it for cheaper (and will surely try), I am eager to get this next item below. I can go from the beach to the streets in this cover-up dress. The color is amazing and would blend right into the Sea's of Greece! Closet wishing!!!
Tie-waist Cover-up Dress - $45.00 - Shown in color: Poesia Aqua
Whether it be for the beach or to fancy up one of those dresses - these flip-flops below are perfect! Wishing for a Gold Pair!
Colin Stuart Knotted Thong Sandal - $29.00
Finally, this beach tote is what every woman needs to carry all her belongings to the beach or pool. This bag comes free with any Beach Sexy purchase at Victoria's Secret for a limited time! I just requested mine!
Free Tote Bag from Victoria's Secret with qualifying Beach Sexy Purchase - Enter Code: BEACH at checkout

Every item listed today would make my summer holiday! What are some of your favorite must haves for the Summer?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pura Vida = Pure Life

The phrase Pura Vida refers to Pure Life in Spanish. Enjoying life slowly, celebrating good fortune, and not taking anything for granted embodies the Pura Vida Lifestyle.

"Pumped Up Kicks" $5.00
When two young men were vacationing in Costa Rica after their college graduation, they happened to stumble upon a struggling bracelet vendor on the street. They loved the bracelets that were simple and full of color, which captured the essence of their journey. They asked the vendor to make 400 bracelets for them to bring back to the US. They sold the bracelets at $5 a piece and soon realized that these bracelets were more than your everyday bracelets, they were a movement.

Pura Vida Bracelets are each simple, unique, hand-made pieces that have a great story behind them. Every bracelet purchased helps provide full time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica. Pura Vida is also a member of One Percent for the Planet and donates a portion of its proceeds to the surf rider foundation, a grassroots foundation dedicated to cleaning up beaches and oceans around the world. A number of the bracelets teamed up with charities and causes, such as Stop Bullying Awareness, Anti-Rape Awareness, US Army, Our Forgotten Warriors, and numerous Cancer Awareness to name a few. They donate a fraction of the profit to the charity (usually $1).

What started as a relaxing vacation turned into a booming business for four men. They are now being sold in over 700 retail locations nationwide. Each one has a unique and different color combination so coming across people with the same one as you will be difficult. So, if you feel like being charitable, patriotic, representing a cause, or just being uniquely fashionable and expressing the type of lifestyle you choose, browse their website, www.puravidabracelets.com
I'm sure you'll leave with a purchase...I know I did! PURA VIDA!

$5.00 Purchase -$1.00 will be donated
$5.00 Purchase - $1.00 will be donated

$5.00 Purchase -$1.00 will be donated
"Rasta Mon" $5.00

All information can be found on their website www.puravidabracelets.com